New things on the site.

Habitats: New places to explore. These places are off the island that students can go to capture new friends. Though you are free to use them to train and explore with friends or others.

Maps: Simple maps of campus have been set up you can find them at [ ]

Calender: The calender now has its own page, feel free to take a look, you can find it on the navigational bar.

New Event: Easterball hunt. Look at the calender for the link.


Arceus University by Headmaster Willow
New here? Here are some links to get you started.

please go through and read every thing thoroughly.

the application is a way to get you in the college feel, we here role play forum style, paragraph style go to the thread role play 101 to learn more. Also to post your app, start a new thread your name as the title.

Face claim -

a face claim is a persons face your using as your own, a celebrity or famous person. Anime and cartoon people are not to be used. By claiming their face means no one else can use that person.

Also you have to be a member before you can reply to anything.

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